About District 2

District 2 is home to the neighborhoods near Lake Merritt, including Arbor Villa, Bella Vista, Brooklyn Estates, Chinatown, Cleveland Heights, Crocker Highlands, East Lake, Gold Coast, Grand Lake, Haddon Hill, Lake Merritt, Rose Garden and San Antonio.


District 2 Results and Priorities

Crocker Highlands:

Improved student and pedestrian safety at Park Boulevard near Edna Brewer Middle School and Beth Jacob.

✓ Filled residential potholes.

Installed new decorative and safety lighting for Lakeshore Ave.

Restored Astro Tot, repairing park/playground equipment.

(partial list)

“I’ll continue to address public safety, home invasions and property crimes. Night-time lighting, street and pothole repair, and speeding on Mandana, Longridge and Trestle Glen Road continue to be top priorities.”


Grand Lake, Rose Garden, and Lakeshore:

Supported neighborhood clean-ups of Rose Garden.

 Refurbished Grand Avenue: restriped/repaved streets; improved crosswalk visibility; enhanced safety/access for cyclists and drivers.

 Trimmed trees along Lakeshore Ave.; secured funding for street renovation, trash pickup, gardening support, new street

lights and additional repairs to Lakeshore facilities.

 Organized Lakeshore Merchants meetings to improve commerce.

(partial list)

“I’ll continue to address underage drinking in the Rose Garden and work to increase parking and lighting, particularly at Grand-Walker parking lot. I’ll maintain foot patrols and support our neighborhood-serving businesses.”


Cleveland Heights, Haddon Hill, Bella Vista and Arbor Vista Neighborhoods:

 Poured 3.6 million pounds of asphalt to rebuild Merritt, Cleveland and Capital Sts.

Repaired the sidewalk and street outside of St. Vartan’s Church.

 Filled hundreds of potholes in Haddon Hill, Cleveland Heights, Ivy Hill and San Antonio neighborhoods.

 Resurfaced streets where sewer lines were replaced, including Wesley Ave., Brooklyn Ave. and Capell St.

 Expanded neighborhood traffic-calming.

 Conducted Public Safety Town Hall/meetings with District Attorney, Police Chief, Public Safety Director.

(partial list)

“All neighborhoods need safe playgrounds, school sites and streets. Bella Vista and East Lake are plagued by street robberies on non-English speaking victims. Both 911 response AND equal access to crime prevention services for all, is critical.”



 Worked with merchants and neighborhood residents to remove graffiti.

 Planted trees at Madison Square Park and repaved 4th Ave./Madison St.

 Enhanced senior services and overhauled HVAC system at Oakland Asian Cultural Center.

 Added 1500+ units of transit-oriented housing, including affordable housing, union labor and local hire jobs.

 Completed 10th Street Bridge linking Laney College & Lake Merritt

 Secured Golden State Warriors’ support to refurbish outdoor basketball courts and indoor gym at Lincoln Rec Center.

 Secured funding for Lincoln Rec Center hours, to allow more access by Chinatown seniors and youth.

 Restored Oakland Police Department Neighborhood Services coordinator.

(partial list)

“Supporting and showcasing our Chinatown supports our merchant community and the nonprofit service providers who provide accessible, essential advocacy and services for the most vulnerable in the Asian Pacific Islander community. I’m proud to join API leaders in championing our vision of a thriving, diverse Oakland for all.”


Gold Coast

 Worked with merchants and neighborhood residents to remove graffiti.

 Repaved Madison Street, repaired crumbling sidewalks and added bike lanes.

“Creating a sense of community for the younger people and renters who live here is critical. I’ll continue to engage the Gold Coast neighborhood fully in City Hall on issues of concern to us all, including affordable housing, public transit and more.”


Lake Merritt:

 Secured funding for additional gardeners and addressed tree trimming along the lake.

 Supported a new BBQ policy to improve quality of life for residents.

 Installed water bottle refilling station near Lakeview library.

 Refurbished Parkway Cascade stair path connecting 5th Ave. to Park Blvd. improving pedestrian access to FM Smith Recreation Center and Line 18 bus service.

(partial list)

“I’ll continue to work to ensure Measure DD funds are spent as promised to voters and maintain the Lake for the use of all residents, children, families and pets alike – including championing Children’s Fairyland.”


East Lake/Brooklyn Estates/San Antonio:

 Hosts monthly street, sidewalk and storm drain clean-ups.

 Hosted Thanksgiving Basket Giveaways meals for hundreds of needy families.

 Installed crosswalks at 22nd Ave./Foothill Blvd., E.17th St./23rd Ave. and E.17th St./22nd Ave. for better safety for Garfield Elementary students.

 Repainted curbs and yellow loading zones at Garfield to improve traffic flow/safety for parents dropping kids off at school.

 Planted 27 new elm trees in San Antonio Park, securing funding to repair football field.

 More than 350 potholes filled in Cleveland Heights, Ivy Hill and San Antonio.

 Secured funding to prevent illegal dumping along E. 12th St. corridor.

 Worked with merchants and neighborhood residents to remove graffiti.

 Convened meetings with Eastlake residents to discuss affordable housing, gentrification and displacement issues.

 Secured funding to support the Vietnamese American Community Center.

(partial list)

“My top priorities are eliminating blight, illegal dumping, litter, and street crime and improving 911 response times. I’ll continue my work with state agencies, law enforcement and the District Attorney to pursue johns and pimps who are sexually exploiting our women and youth.”


Citywide Results and Priorities

Councilmember Guillen has been vocal in championing Oakland’s values of diversity and results that residents can see. Below are some of the many legislative results and issues he has advocated for and supported:

 Established Oakland’s first and only LGBTQ Center (in D2 on Lakeshore Avenue).

 Banned city contracts with border wall contractors.

 Supported union jobs/wages requirements on public land projects; required new hotels to hire union workers.

 Supports policies to increase participation of women, minority-owned, and local-Oakland small businesses in public lands construction projects.

 Worked to strengthen job training and job placement programs.

 Secured millions to increase affordable housing units in Oakland and District 2 sites Empyrean Tower and Harrison Hotel, and championed funding for tiny homes.

 Implemented Oakland’s first-ever Community Participatory Budgeting Process for public funds, giving residents a voice in budget decision-making.

 Championed 2016’s Measure KK to improve public safety and invest in neighborhoods throughout Oakland to remove potholes, rebuild deteriorating sidewalks, fund bicycle and pedestrian safety improvements, and expand affordable housing.

(partial list)


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