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Elected and Appointed Officials*
Ro Khanna, Congressman
Betty Yee, State Controller
Kevin De Leon, State Senator
Rob Bonta, Assemblymember
Tony Thurmond, Assemblymember
Wilma Chan, President of the Alameda County Board of Supervisors
Keith Carson, Alameda County Board of Supervisors 
Richard Valle, Alameda County Board of Supervisors
Alice Lai-Bitker, Alameda County Supervisor (Ret.)
Karen Monroe, Alameda County Superintendent of Schools
Nancy O'Malley, Alameda County District Attorney
Meredith Brown, President, Peralta Colleges 
Dr. William "Bill" Riley, Trustee, Peralta Colleges
Nicky Gonzalez Yuen, Trustee, Peralta Community College
Joaquin Rivera, County Board of Education Director
Amber Childress, Trustee, Alameda County Board of Education
Marlon McWilson, Alameda County Board of Education President (Ret.)
Chris Peeples, AC Transit Director-At-Large
Robert Raburn, President, BART Board of Directors
Rebecca Saltzman, BART Board Director
Elsa Ortiz,  President, AC Transit Board of Directors
Doug Linney, EBMUD Director
John Sutter, East Bay Regional Parks District Board Member, (Ret.)
Libby Schaaf, Mayor of Oakland
Larry Reid, Oakland City Council President
Annie Campbell Washington, Oakland City Councilmember
Noel Gallo, Oakland City Councilmember
Lynette Gibson McElhaney, Oakland City Councilmember
Dan Kalb, Oakland City Councilmember
Elihu Harris, Mayor of Oakland, (Ret.)
Henry Chang, Jr., Oakland City Councilmember At-Large (Ret.)
Pat Kernighan, Oakland City Councilmember (Ret.)
Danny Wan, Oakland City Councilmember (Ret.)
Aimee Eng, Oakland Unified School District Board President
Shanthi Gonzales, Oakland Unified District School Board Director
Rosie Torres, Oakland United School District School Board Director
Bob Spencer,  Oakland Unified School District School Board Member (Ret.)
Malia Cohen, San Francisco County Supervisor
Trish Spencer, Mayor of Alameda
Jim Oddie, Alameda City Councilmember
Malia Vella, Alameda City Councilmember
Jesse Arreguin, Mayor of Berkeley
Hon. Lori Droste, Berkeley City Councilmember
Tim Sbranti, Mayor of Dublin (ret.)
Mark Salinas, Hayward City Councilmember
Tim Rood, Piedmont City Councilmember
Teddy Gray King, Piedmont City Councilmember
Vivien Angélica Larsen, Oholone Community College Trustee

Partial List


Alameda County Democratic Party 
Alameda County Democratic Lawyers Club
Bay Area Reporter 
Black Young Democrats, East Bay
Building Construction & Trades Council
Comite Civico Patriotico Mexicano Alameda County
East Bay Animal PAC
Easy Bay for Everyone
East Bay Stonewall Democratic Club
East Bay Times
Evolve California
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Local 595
Latino Task Force Oakland
Latino Young Democrats East Bay 
League of Conservation Voters of the East Bay 
LiUNA!, Laborers, Local 304
Metropolitan Greater Oakland Democratic Club
Northern California Carpenters Regional Council
Oakland Builders Alliance 
Oakland East Bay Democratic Club
Oakland Firefighters Local 55
Our Revolution, West Marin
Planned Parenthood Mar Monte
Sheet Metal Workers, Local 104
Sierra Club 
Teamsters Local 70
UFCW Local 5
UNITE HERE Local 2850
United Association Plumbers & Steamfitters Local 342

Partial List

Community Leaders*
Andrea Lowe, Local Business Owner
Andreas Cluver, Oakland Port Commissioner
Anne Katz, Retired Teacher, President of East Bay Children's Book Project
Annie Flores, Community Activist
Bruce Nye, President & Board Chair, Make Oakland Better Now!
Bruce Young, Community Activist& Small Business Owner
Brian Lester, Labor Leader
Cal Stanley, CEO, Boys & Girls Club of Oakland
Carl Chan, Chinatown Business Leader
Ces Rosales, California Democratic Pary, Vice Chair
Chris Hwang, Walk Oakland Bike Oakland, President
Christine Yu, Secretary & National Representative, Oakland Lodge, Chinese American Citizens Alliance Chinatown
Chuck Earvin, Co-Chair, San Antonio Neighborhood Community Activist
C.J. Hirschfield, Executive Directory Fairyland
Collettee McPherson, Community Activist
Corrine Jan, CEO, Family Bridges
Dannette Lambert, Community Activist
Dean Rubinson, Director of Development, Ellis Partners
Debbie Taylor, Community Activist
Doug Wong, President, Oakland Lodge, Chinese American Citizens Alliance Chinatown
Dr. Grace Carroll, Founder, Akiras Book Club
Edward Yu, Vice-President, Oakland Lodge, Chinese American Citizens Alliance Chinatown
Ener Chiu, Affordable Housing Advocate, EBALDC
Eve Delfin,  Eastlake Resident, OUSD Community Schools Manager
Gene Zahas, Business Leader
George Rowan, Eastlake Realtor
Gilbert Wong, Community Leader
Graham Lustig, Artistic Director, Oakland Ballet Company
Greg Chan, Asian Pacific American Democratic Club
Hank Levy, Treasurer-Tax Collector, Alameda County
Hong Thach, Program Coordinator, Oakland Public Education Fund
Jayson Landeza, Pastor, St. Benedict Catholic Church
Jeffery Meyers Hawkins, CoFounder, Oakland LGBTQ Community Center
Jenn Caban, Early Childhood Specialist
Jennie Gerard, Lake Merritt Activist
Jennie Ong, Executive Director, Oakland Chinatown Chamber of Commerce
Jim Ratliff, Community Activist
Joe Hawkins, CoFounder, Oakland LGBTQ Community Center
John Bliss, Oakland Parks & Rec Foundation
John Flores, Oakland City Administrator (Ret.)
John O'Toole, Executive Director, National Youth Law Center (Ret.)
Jose Ortiz, Chancellor Emeritus, Peralta Community College District
Judith Cox, Metropolitan Greater Oakland Democratic Club, Past President
Karen Dea, President, Wa Sung Community Services Club
Keith Gibbs, Labor Leader
Ken Houston, Leauge of Conservation Voters East Bay
Ken Katz, Neighborhood Crime Prevention Council Leader
Ken Lupoff, Oakland Parks & Rec Foundation
Kent Lewandowski, Community Activist, Sierra Club Member
Mariano Contreras, Latino Task Force
Maricela Gutierrez, Executive Director, SIREN
Marlene Hurd, Affordable Housing Leader
Michael Colbruno, Port Commissioner, City of Oakland
Michael Ghilmetti, Business Leader
Mike Graves, Aisle 5 & Business Leader
Monica Lau, COO, Family Bridges
Orson Aguilar, President, Greenlining Institute
Paul Curatolo, Walden Pond Books & Business Leader
Peggy Woon, Owner, Silver Lining Jewelry
Peter Turner, Lakeshore Homes Association President
Rena Rickles, Community Member
Rev. Dr. Kenneth Anderson, Senior Pastor, Williams Chapel Baptist Church
Rev. Ken Chambers, Pastor, Westside Missionary Baptist Church
Richard Fong, Advisor, Asian Youth Service Committee
Rick Da Silva, President, Chinatown Chamber of Commerce
Robert Brackins, Founder 100 Black Men
Robert Kidd, President of the Board, Oakland Symphony Orchestra
Roger Ham-Chang, Business Owner, Grand Oaks Restaurant
Sandra Wong, Chinatown Chamber of Commerce (Ret.)
Sarah Tiffany Richardson-Baker, Deputy Executive Director, Oakland Natives Give Back
Sherry Hirota, Executive Director, Asian Health Services
Sokam Mao, Community Activist
Taylor Chow, Business Owner, Chinatown
Tiffany Woods, Transgender/LGBTQ Leader
Tim Nugent, Owner, Shakewell
Tora Rocha, Community Activist
Trung Duy Nguyen, President, Vietnamese Community Development Inc.
Winne Anderson, Small Business Owner
Young Lee, Director, Little Stars Preschool

Partial List


Arbor Villa
Abel Morales, Neighbor - Arbor Villa

Bella Vista
Jasmine Dann, Neighbor - Bella Vista
John Gravey, Neighborhood Activist - Bella Vista

Isabella Leung, Neighbor - Chinatown
Nancy Mui, Neighbor - Chinatown
Robert Mui, Neighbor - Chinatown

Cleveland Heights
Alysha Cassis-Shaw, Neighbor - Cleveland Heights
Charlene Quan, Neighbor - Cleveland Heights
Eren Berkenkotter, Neighbor - Cleveland Heights
Gregory Hunter, Neighbor - Cleveland Heights
George Ong, Neighbor - Cleveland Heights/China Hill
Jennie Ong, Neighbor - Cleveland Height
Jim Armstrong, Neighbor - Cleveland Heights
Lary Heath, Neighbor - Cleveland Heights
Rachel Broadwin, Neighbor - Cleveland Heights
Rebecca Tse, Neighbor - Cleveland Height
Roberta Taub Abel, Neighbor - Cleveland Heights
Ruben Sundeen, Neighbor & Tenant's Attorney - Cleveland Heights
Tina Monaco, Neighbor - Cleveland Heights

Crocker Highlands
Aisha Ali Samatar, Neighbor - Crocker Highlands
Allen Fernandez Smith, Neighbor - Crocker Highlands
Amanda Feinstein, Neighbor - Crocker Highlands
Barbara Flores, Neighbor - Crocker Highlands
Carol Levine, Neighbor - Crocker Highlands
Howie Perlin, Neighbor - Cocker Highlands
Irving Morris, Neighbor - Crocker Highlands
Jean Hom, Neighbor - Crocker Highlands
John Low, Neighbor - Crocker Highlands
John O'Toole, Neighbor - Crocker Highlands
Kathy Teng Dwyer, Community Activist - Crocker Highlands
Kay Fernandez Smith, Neighbor - Crocker Highlands
Lise Pearlman, Author & Neighbor - Crocker Highlands
Terry Dwyer, Neighbor - Crocker Highlands
Victoria A. Barbero, Neighbor & Public Libary Commissioner - Croker Highlands

Eastlake/Grand Lake
Amanda Brown-Stevens, Neighbor & Crocker Highlands Elementary Parent - Grand Lake
David Flack, Community Activist & Neighbor - Grand Lake
Eric Hughes, Community Activist & Neighbor - Grand Lake
Gil Dong, Neighbor - Grand Lake
Jason Ross, Neighbor & Attorney - Grand Lake
Jose Macias, La Estrellita, East Lake Business Owner
Menaka Mohan, Neighbor - Grand Lake
Molly Sealund, Neighbor - Grand Lake
Patrick Brown, Neighbor - Eastlake 
Phoenix Love Armenta, Neighbor - Eastlake
Wade Crowfoot, Neighbor - Grand Lake

Gold Coast
Cesar Ocon, Neighbor - Gold Coast

Haddon Hill
Juan Rivera, Community Activist - Haddon Hill

Highland Terrace
Christy Johnston Limon, Neighbor - Highland Terrace
Tom Limon, Planning Commissioner - Highland Terrace

Ivy Hill
Christopher Bridges, Equal Justice Society, Civil Rights Attorney, & Neighbor - Ivy Hill
Jim "Old School" Copes, Neighbor - Ivy Hill

Lake Merrit
Victor "Tony" Gauthier, Neighbor - Lake Merritt

Morsa Aziz, Neighbor - Lakeshore
Susan Hayes Smith, Neighbor - Lakeshore

Rose Garden
Ana Healy, Neighbor - Rose Garden
Heather Hood, Affordable Housing Activist & Neighbor - Rose Garden
Julie Goodson-Lawes, Neighbor - Rose Garden

San Antonio
Bruce Quan, Neighbor - San Antonio
Bruce Simmons, Neighbor - San Antonio
Darin Lounds, Affordable Housing Acitivist & Neighbor - San Antonio
Guadalupe De La Paz, Lupe's Beauty Salon & Neighbor - San Antonio
Todd Smith, Neighbor - San Antonio
Wendy Jung, Neighbor - San Antonio 

Trestle Glen
Bouapha Toommaly, Community Activist - Trestle Glen
Casey Bates, Neighbor - Trestle Glen
Frank Russo, Neighbor - Trestle Glen
Regina Davis, Neighbor - Trestle Glen
Susan Rosenthal, Neighbor - Trestle Glen

Partial List

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